Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boo at the (really wet and cold) Zoo

So Friday night we ventured out in the rain and cold to Boo at the Zoo with our friends Lisa and Tim and their two girls Bree and Ava. It was cold. And wet. And the place was packed.

The evening didn't start out so well. Why? Because we got split up from Lisa and Tim's car on the way in. We didn't think that'd be a big deal, though, because we knew we'd see them in the parking lot. Except we had to park in the back parking lot. Waaaay in the back. Still, no big deal. I'll just call Lisa and we'll meet up in the zoo. Except I didn't have Lisa's cell number. And she didn't have mine. We never call each other's cell. (Although as Lisa pointed out, you think we would have put them in after the whole no-power-can't-get-in-the-house-because-I-don't-have-a-house-key-and-the-garage-won't-open-so-I'll-just-show-up-at-Lisa's-and-hope-she's-home event.) So there we are, walking up the big hill to the back entrance of the zoo not knowing how to get a hold of them nor where they are. We get to the entrance and I looked at Michael and said "Give me the key. Don't ask why, just give me the key." Why? Because I left the tickets in the car. So back down the hill, in the rain - did I mention it was raining and cold?- to the car. When I go back, Michael had come up with a great idea of getting Lisa's number and after a few phone calls, two conversations with her MIL (whom I thought was her mother but that's a whole other story) I got a hold of her. And an hour or so after we got there, we found them. Or, really, they found us. In the cold rain. Our husbands discussed how they couldn't believe we planned this without making sure we had cell phone numbers. We laughed at ourselves. A lot.

While waiting for Lisa and Tim to find us, Emma had her first treat of the night. (She's Abby Cadabby)

Mackenzie stayed in the stroller the whole time. Thankfully, she didn't seem to mind so much.

Me and Lisa. Wet and cold. Mackenzie's in there, although you can't see her.

Ava and Mackenzie. A cute little bee and an adorable little pumpkin.

Waiting to get in to see something, I don't remember what. You think I would since we saw all of 3 animals that night. They were smart. They weren't out in the cold rain. The girls were roaring. Lots of roaring.
Emma pointing at the animal I can't remember. Koala, maybe?
And there it is. Our first trip to Boo at the Zoo. It really was fun. It would have been more fun without the rain, but the big girls had a blast and the little girls didn't seem to mind it. So even though it started out not so well, I'm so glad we went as it turned out to be a fun evening. Oh, in case you were wondering, we didn't stay until the end. We went back to Lisa and Tim's and had pizza. And it was still raining when we left there. Seriously. It was only supposed to sprinkle a little Friday!


Katy said...

I call that "making a memory." Things go wrong, but you'll never forget. :) Looks like fun.

Rebekah said...

haha! so glad the girls enjoyed it despite the rain!! love the photos...and the stories! :) and what cute little costumes!!!

Missy said...

we do boo at the zoo every's always hit or miss with the weather.