Thursday, September 25, 2008


We finally have a Sonic. After attending a warehouse sale this morning (for a catalogue company whose name I can't remember) with Missy, Marie and I headed there for lunch. It was crazy busy. Every spot that you can order from/eat at was full, the drive-through line was wrapped around the building and we took 2 of the 3 open spots that weren't for ordering/eating there. First thing the girls saw was Mr. Slushy. Don't know if that's actually his name but I'm calling him that. Lily and Emma were actually calling him (her?) Milkshake. Lily loved him. Emma loved him from a distance, as you can see in the picture. That was as close as she'd get to him. Lily hugged him, Emma passed.

Emma showing off the food in her mouth. (For those that know me well, please note I ate my burger with the bun today.)

Lily doing the same.

Self-portrait by the minivans.

PS, I'm totally aware we're major cheeseballs/dorks/future-embarrassments-to-our-children for taking pictures at Sonic, and I'm okay with that.


Rebekah said...

YAY!!!! So glad Ohio has finally arrived! haha. :) Sonic is the best! Gotta love happy hour!! And whoohoo on eating the bun? What in the world?! Love the photos...cheeseballs & all! *lol* :)

Katy said...

oh fun, we just got one too... I'll have to try it on your recommendation. :)

Marie said...

i LOVE that picture of lily and the milkshake :)

Niki said...

I LOVE SONIC!! We're getting one close to us soon! You totally have to try a DIET CHERRY good and only 20 calories!! AND NO FAT OF ANY's my dream beverage....they are super cheap there too!

cheryl said...

haha i TOTALLY plan on being that mom that takes embarrassing photos with my kid. totally.
and you need to get a real fruit strawberry slush. YUUUUUUMM!!! that was my biggest craving through my pregnancy.
did i mention how jealous i am that you got a sonic in your town? stupid sonic thinks that just because we only have like 3 people living here that they wouldn't make it. they clearly don't realize that i live here.

darcy said...

I am so jealous! I LOVE Sonic! ONly get it in TN. =) And I didn't even know they had food... OR BUNS!

Mary said...

A bun? Seriously? OK, we've been out of touch way too's like I hardly know you anymore?!? Time is changing you way too much...when's our next date?