Monday, September 08, 2008

Time for another comparison. And some cute shoes, too.

9 Months
(Mackenzie left, Emma right)
10 Months
(Emma left, Mackenzie right)
I definitely think they have the same nose. But Mackenzie has more hair, it's blonder and crazier. That pretty much sums up my analysis.

So I wanted to get these Robeez for Mackenzie. Love the cupcake.

But I called 8 stores and no one has them, I guess they're from the last line and have been discontinued. I could order online. But instead I'm going to get these. How cute is the owl! I really wanted a pair where the main color is brown, since she already has a pair that are a dark pink color, but who can resist this little owl.

These are cute, too. But there's no brown at all. But they're called something like Scrapbook Flower. :)


Maria said...

those little owls are super cute!!

Rebekah said...

love those photos! i never would've guessed that e & m's hair color was THAT different. wow! such cuties!! and *love* those little shoes! :)

Susie said...

oh my word, those owl ones are cutie cutie!