Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Michael took this picture last night. I think I'll enter it into Gap Kids model search. It'd totally take first place.

2. Wrestling. You'd think 10 1/2 months is too young to start this, but apparently not.

3. Crazy running around in circles. The Buckeyes game was so horrible she had to run off some of her disappointment, anger and disgust. ;) Oh, wait, that was her Dad.

4. "No, no, Mackenzie. You can't go up there. No, no."

5. Emma has no idea what she's in store for.

6. The non-hair pulling version. That's my mom. :)

7. I opened Emma's drawer to put away her socks (see them all on the top?) and this is what I found. A drawer full of Dora house furniture. See that train whistle? The other day I thought she was sleeping, it was around 9:30, 10 pm and then I heard a train whistle blowing. It was hysterical.

8. Mackenzie's teething. And she's got a cold. Well, it's either one or the other or both. I was seriously wiping her nose every 5 minutes, it wouldn't stop running. And nighttime is miserable. For both of us. Well, when she's in bed supposedly sleeping it is. When she's not in bed, this is what I see:

A happy baby at 9:30 tonight. She really likes that burrito. But the instant she's in her crib she freaks. Last night she was up at midnight, 1 am, 2:15 and 2:45 am, 5 am, 6:30 to 7:15 am and then up for good at 8:30. And she wouldn't nap this morning. And only took an hour nap this afternoon in the swing. I put her down around 8:15 tonight and at 9 she was freaking out again. I put her back down, in the swing, around 10 and so far so good. I'd be happy with a four hour stretch of sleep tonight. If she's up, she's happy though. A bit tired-acting, but that's to be expected since she's a bit sleep deprived.

9. I gave her some pizza tonight. Pretty sure none actually made it into her stomach.

10. (Marie, this is for you) Tonight I watched some of the biggest loser. While sitting in the recliner, eating Doritos and drinking Coke. Pretty sure that's not a Jillian-approved snack.

PS, Thanks for the sympathy on the migraine. I don't really know why I went with plain old headache in the last post. I've had them before. The first, and worst, was when I was 13, I think. I was in Cincinnati visiting my sister at college when it struck. thought I was dying. She thought I was dying. She had no idea what to do. After giving me Tylenol/Advil and keeping me in a dark, silent room didn't help, she took me to the emergency room. Except she couldn't find it. And was driving all over, taking sharp turns, there were hills, I was crying and she was freaked out. While not at all funny at the time, it's pretty funny now. ;)


Marie said...

popcorn and a diet dr pepper for me ;)

Missy said...

I was thinking about entering that Gap model search too!