Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. When will the snow stop? Depending on who is reporting it we either have 19.5 inches, 20 inches or 2 feet. Or, to put it simply, a lot. And it was still snowing tonight, albeit lightly. Thankfully, Michael fixed the snowblower that broke when I was using it last week. I took this picture Monday morning. Lots of snow. Lots of wind. And it just kept coming.

2. Saturday was Breakfast with Santa. I don't think we'll get a family picture with all of us looking at the camera until Mackenzie outgrows the put-my-fingers-in-my-mouth phase. But I still like it.

3. Snow days are still fun. Michael has had two so far this week.

4. I took Christmas card photos after church Sunday. Not bad for only 10 minutes worth of pictures. It'll work. Ryan's not smiling. It was too much work keeping Mackenzie in place and making sure Emma wasn't dropping him or strangling him to try and get him to smile. Of course, I could've done it when Michael wasn't outside snowblowing and had him try and get Ryan to smile but I wanted to get it over with.

5. And tonight I picked up my cards. Now to address them all.

6. I love The Sing-Off. But Nicole is the Paula of this show. I want to fast-forward when she comes on.

7. One benefit to living on a hill? You can make your sidewalk into a toboggan chute. Michael and the girls were sliding down the sidewalk yesterday. I didn't get any pictures because the wind was blowing the snow everywhere, but I did watch them go down once.

8. Christmas shopping is done except for two presents. One I know just have to pick up. The other I'm stumped.

9. The girls are really in to Charlie Brown right now. Tonight we watched "All I want for Christmas is a dog, Charlie Brown." They giggled a lot and shouted Snoopy! when he came on the screen. I laughed at Rerun in the bicycle seat that was over the rear tire, yet three feet behind his mother, ya know, so you only hear her, rather than see her. I wish I knew how to type out how the Charlie Brown adults sound.

10. I wish I could have all my house clean at the same time, all the time. Yet what usually happens is I get the basement, kitchen and upstairs cleaned and the family room becomes a mess. Clean that, and the girls room is a disaster zone. And so on and so forth.


Rebekah said...

to: my friend erin
re: in response to 10 on tuesday.

1. i have no idea.
2. love the family pic. especially the candy cane on the head. just as classic as fingers in the mouth. :) love.
3. yay for snow days. i want one.
4. can't wait to see the christmas card pic...assuming one will arrive in my mailbox soon. :)
5. you. go. girl.
6. haven't seen that show yet but i've heard it's good. i've recently been addicted to the biggest loser.
7. sounds AWESOME!!! um, we want video. next time. next time, erin. :)
8. totally impressed. i think i'm going to wait until i'm off work next week and hit it all at once. yep. last minute. imagine that! :)
9. awww, fun memories! i can just imagine the giggles. :)
10. sister, you have kids...and a husband. i wouldn't count on it. lol.
11. i use :) too much. but that's okay. :)
12. love you & miss you.


Marie said...

wah wah wah wah, wah wah, wah wah.

best i can come up with ;)