Friday, December 31, 2010

Ryan @ three months.

Ryan turned 3 months old Sunday the 19th. So yes, I'm a bit late with this. But I'm going to get it down anyway because at some point I'll scrapbook it. I actually just printed some pictures from when he was born so I could scrapbook. His album is empty. Well, it'd be empty if he had one. Haven't done that yet, either. But I will. Soon. When my scrapping mojo returns.

I just took these pictures on Monday. I had to make him a 3-month shirt since the girls' monthly shirts are pink. Not quite as cute as the Old Navy tees the girls had (Thank you for the 20th time to Renee, love those shirts!) but I think it turned out well for my first attempt.

He's a happy baby. Don't you just smile when you see this? I do. I love him.

He's very content. Doesn't fuss much. Doesn't cry. Isn't crabby. Just happy and content. Unless you don't feed him right away when he's hungry. Then he does his Crazy Cry. Thankfully that's not too often, though.

He's getting bigger. No more chicken legs. He's filling out. Getting chubby baby cheeks. He's looking more cute-baby and less grumpy-old-man-baby.


Grumpy-old-man-baby @ 8 days old. Skinny arms and legs. Still very cute. At least to his mama.

And let's compare the three, shall we. L-R we've got Emma, Mackenzie, Ryan. Definitely seems as though each baby gets more hair. Poor Emma's practically bald. Ryan's is the darkest, but has the red tint to it Mac's did. Maybe he'll turn out blonde like her. Emma's hair now is more like Ryan's, darker with the red tint that you can really see in the sun.

Ryan is still sleeping in his bouncy seat at night. I tried putting him on his back right when he turned 3 months and instead of sleeping from 11 - 7, he woke up in the middle of the night. So it was back to the bouncy seat the next night. He's eating great. He's up to five ounces each time he eats, although sometimes he'll want more, every once in a while, less.
He loves his play mat. He watches the lights with fascination and is starting to bat at and grab the toys. Same with his bouncy seat. He loves the mobile in his bed. He's still in 0-3 month clothes, although some sleepers are getting a bit short on him. He kicks off his socks. He uses his binky but doesn't always want it. Usually just to sleep. He can still wear size 1 diapers but he's wearing size 2 because that's what I have right now (from when I stocked up before he was born.) They're not too big, just bigger, so we'll go with them.
Ryan has a bad case of cradle cap but it's starting to finally, and slowly, go away. He has eczema. He has cracked skin the worse at his ankle creases. Plus patches of eczema on his thighs, arms, back and belly. So, pretty much everywhere. I'm using Cerave cream on him every time I change him. It seems to be helping in that it's less dry, but it's not going away at all, if that makes sense. This is new to us, as neither of the girls had eczema. The acne is gone though.
I realized the other night he has had no day/night confusion at all. That's really nice. Really really nice. The girls did and what a change it is to have a baby who sleeps at night! No real schedule during the day, just sleeps whenever/wherever. But at night he's a rock star. I never thought I'd be getting such nice stretches of sleep at night this early on. I haven't slept like this since before I was pregnant with Emma. And I'm not joking!
The girls are still calling him "boy." I usually call him buddy, bud, sweet baby, big guy, peanut. Athough the last two do seem to contradict each other.
We've got the girls trained. If you joke around and say you're going to give him something to eat or drink, they'll tell you no and that he only drinks his special milk from his bottle and he can't eat food. You can tell I have drilled this in to their head to avoid any incidences of them playing Baby Alive with their brother.
He snores. Is still a loud eater. Toots a lot. (We seem to have gassy babies.) He always sounds stuffed up, which I'm going to ask the doctor about next month. So far, he hasn't gotten sick. He's had no reactions to his vaccines. He smiles all the time. Laughs. Is cute. I love him.

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Missy said...

He's really really cute! He is a morph of both the girls. We need to get together soon. miss you.