Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Five

1. Tonight at dinner we were discussing Emma's day at school, specifically show-and-tell and I asked her what Layla brought. (We always ask what specific people brought, trying to work on her memory skills, since she doesn't seem to remember much, or anything, that she does during the day other than play and craft.) Her response was, "Mooooooom, I just told you what Layla brought!" And while she didn't roll her eyes, it was implied in her exaggerated tone of voice. Also implied, "duh." Michael and I just looked at each other and laughed.

2. I'm doing a December Daily album this year even though I never finished last years. Haven't actually made it yet. Although I did pick up the cardstock at Hobby Lobby today.

3. Speaking of Mac, her newest thing when she's angry is hurl an angry insult at you. Her insult of choice? "You silly goose!" growled in a very angry, laughter-inducing, 3-year-old voice.

4. I took this tonight and it might be my new favorite picture.

5. Or it could be this one. Ha! Mackenzie wanted a picture of her with her breadstick with Ryan. And he sneezed. And she's fake-eating. There's just something funny about this.


Marie said...

I always think he looks like the girls, but this one, I think he looks like Ryan :)

darcy said...

He looks like the girls! How cool to have a boy version of your girls! HA!

Renee said...

he is so cute!