Thursday, December 09, 2010

Snow Days

We've had a crazy amount of snow over the last three days. Monday was a snow day for both Michael and Emma. Which included the girls playing outside twice while Michael cleared the driveway.

Please note the car coming in to the frame on the left. I've mentioned before how cars get stuck coming up our road every winter. It's entertainment. This one never made it. He had to turn around and head back down the hill.

See, turning around in our neighbor's driveway. Hi Beth.

No snow day Tuesday. By late afternoon the snow had stopped and we went to Emma's program at school. But then it started again. And it didn't stop until late this afternoon. I cleared the driveway Tuesday at 1 and at 1 today there was another 7 inches or so on it. Then the snowblower broke. So that's great.

Emma and Mackenzie got to play with Bree and Ava all day today. Rather than have her mom drive in to watch them in the cruddy weather, they came here. They played in the snow while I snowblowed, we worked on making a fort (but I was pretty much done with that after three rows), played play-doh and babies and more. Good times for the girls.

Here's our deck Monday morning around 10:
And today (Wednesday) about noon.
It's snowing right now. More snow expected Thursday morning, and Friday and then a huge storm Sunday and Monday. Because what we really need is more snow. :)
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Marie said...

just a little. i just want a little...

Rebekah said...

that is a crazy amount of snow already this winter!!! looks like the girls had a blast with their impromptu girl party! :) love the photos!!!