Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tonight I was watching CMT's countdown of the top 40 country songs of the decade. I was doing this while rocking Ryan. Watching country music videos while holding your still-new baby boy means there will be tears. Just saying.

2. Have I mentioned I think he's cute? I do.

3. The above picture was taken on Thanksgiving at my in-laws. We were out in my father-in-law's workshop watching the trains. The kids love it. They all got to pick out a train car from Grandpa's collection to take home. Which means the train around our tree will be three cars longer. And since our track isn't that big, there's a good chance the first car will be meeting up with the last.

4. Impressed the girls are looking without making faces and Ryan's awake.

5. Mackenzie's really into reading. And reading to Ryan.

6. All the Sweeney grandkids.

7. Sigh. I love him.

8. I mentioned the love of reading. I have a love of seeing them read books.

9. Also, I love hearing her read aloud.

10. Funny Ryan sleeping pictures.

The End.

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