Sunday, November 01, 2009

She's two today.

And definitely a toddler. Oh my, she's so funny. So cute. So silly. And sweet and loving. And a bit rotten, too! She's talking so much. It amazes me. Hearing her talk, it's hard to believe we ever worried about her speech. New words every day. 2, 3 and 4 word sentences. She's so smart. She counts every day. Not always in order, and not every number. She tries to sing the ABCs, but doesn't know them all. She still takes great naps, 2 - 3 hours a day. Is a picky eater. She's partial to french fries, pancakes, bananas, Kix, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and rolls/biscuits. Favorite phrases are "I find it!" and "I want that" and just started saying, "I do-od it" instead of "I did it." Very cute. She'll tell you "thank you" over and over until you say "thank you" back to her. Then she'll do the same with "You're welcome." She loves her big sister. They're so close. Whatever Emma does, Mac does. We love her so much.

We started the day off with church. She was very excited to go play in the nursery, and was just as excited when she saw us at pick-up time.

After church we picked up her cake and ordered the pizza then put her down for a nap as soon as we got home. Unfortunately, it was only an hour and when I woke her up she did not like it at all. When I was putting her hair it pigtails she started to cry and didn't stop for at least 15 minutes. She was going nuts. She finally calmed down with some help from Aunt Abby.

After lunch, Emma, Mackenzie and Claire all dressed up and stayed that way for pretty much the entire time. Of course, Mackenzie was Minnie again.

She was really into the present opening this year. I loved the look on her face as she saw each gift, she was so excited. First gift was ours, which included Diego. She loved him.

Emma really wanted to help (and by help, I mean open by herself) Mackenzie with every present. I got a lot of shots like this one. I also said, "Emma, no. Emma, let her do it. Emma, get back!" many times.

More Diego. She really likes Diego. She got quite a few Diego items: the Diego doll, the Diego rescue jeep, Diego books, Diego movie and Click the Camera.

And a Diego cake, too. She was a bit timid with the candles, so I helped. She wouldn't do it alone.

She really enjoyed it though. We moved the girls' picnic table in to the kitchen for the kids to eat at - great idea my husband had and we will be doing it for every party from now on.

My niece Rachel and her friend Cassie raked leaves for them to play in. Rachel had them all lined up for their turn to jump. Of course, this did not last and before long it was a free-for-all.

Grandma Sweeney makes each grandchild a pillow and gives it to them along with a sleeping bag. Mackenzie's got hers today - a pretty striped sparkly pillow with her name on it and a Disney princess sleeping bag. She was so excited about the pillow and couldn't wait to sleep with it. Turned her crib in to a bed for the first time tonight.

Night-night, munchkin. We love you!


Lisa B. said...

such cute pictures, erin! i cannot believe our babies are already 2 - where has the time gone!!


Rebekah said...

she's 2! oh my goodness. how fun that she is talking so much!! LOVE that photo of the girls all lined up. that is sweet. :) looks like you guys had a great happy birthday!!!