Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday Emma put this box on and ran in the room yelling "Look Mom! I'm a box for Halloween!" Except of course it was November 2nd. She wore for at least a half hour. And when Michael asked her to take it off so he could put it out with the trash/recycling, she told him no, she needed it for her costume. Somehow she hid it from him, because she had it on again today.

2. Lately, this one has been all about suckers. She always manages to find them wherever I've hidden them, unwrap them and get a lick or two in before I catch her. Or, before she comes to show me what she's done, because she's awfully proud of herself.

3. This morning before leaving to go workout, I found the two of them in the kitchen with suckers. Mackenzie with two of the three she unwrapped.

4. My niece Shelby and I often attempt to take a self-portrait when we're together. This was the best of four from Sunday. Of course, we could always just ask someone to take it, but where's the fun in that?

5. Mackenzie always thinks this window at the fitness center is a door. Hence the pushing.

6. I voted today. And there were no "I voted" stickers. I was a little let down.

7. For some reason I'm not impressed yet with SYTYCD. I do like Russell. And Nathan. And that's about it so far. I wish Billy Bell was still in it.

8. Any soap watchers? General Hospital has finally gotten good again. The last couple months stunk and were boring but the last few days have been great.

9. Only four three more caramel pumpkins left.

10. My girls are still off schedule. Thanks, Daylight Savings Time. I am not a fan of waking up in the 6:00 hour. I prefer to not get up until the first number on the clock is an 8. Until two days ago, that was working perfectly since they also did not wake up until there was an 8 on the clock. Then Sunday morning came. Please let it end soon. I'm so not a morning person.
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Missy said...

AHHH used to watch GH. Good times! We are slowly getting back to regularly scheduled times....I kept them both up later and then napped them a little later(well Laney anyway). They're up about 7:15ish now.....How about the voting lady actually stuck the sticker on me....hello? personal space....

Julie said...

How cute! I have never watched GH. I've heard it is good though.

rachel m said...

i watched GH back in the days of luke & laura (I think I was 10?) and felicia & francisco (14?). Love the box costume!! SYTYCD? I am loving full time judge Adam shankman!! when he fell on the floor last night I lost it!! I only listen to his comments anymore. can't stand mary's voice and nigel always says what adams says! not attached to any dancer yet, glad the tappers are gone, russell is pretty cool. Legacy got my vote last night with the fear dance! brady would have a sucker at all times if he could reach them! i love that she has one in each hand!