Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Week You Turned One (aka A Late Scrapbook Sunday)

I had the idea for this album back before Mackenzie turned one in 2008. I wanted to capture the week she turned one - everything we did, her sleep schedule, what she ate, with lots of pictures. I took my camera with me all week, taking pictures pretty much everywhere we went. Each night before bed I wrote down in chronological order all the details of Mackenzie's day. Then I didn't do anything with it. A few months later I put together all the papers and products I wanted to use and then again, I did nothing with it.

Until last week. Mackenzie turning two prompted me to make the album about her turning one. It's very simple. I used a 7 Gypsies album I'd been saving for just the right project. I typed up my journaling with little editing, it's pretty much exactly as I wrote it a year ago. I made the photo collages in PSE, adding text to some of the photos. Minimal product usage - Sandylion papers, 7 Gypsies and Making Memories stickers; EK Success and Fiskars border punches and AC Thickers.

You can click on the images to see them bigger, but then they'll probably be too big. But did you know you can shrink them by clicking on the 100% icon on the bottom right of your screen? I had no idea what that was for until recently. Very helpful for when I want to enlarge an image but then it's so big I have to scroll to see it all.

Yes, that should say "one" not "on" but I ran out of e's. So until I get more, "on" it is. It's like I have a robot child. I just flipped the on switch. Sadly, she does not come with a "do not climb" or "quiet please" button.

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It'll be neat to look back on this years from now; seeing what we did that week, what Mackenzie was doing, eating, wearing. As it was, there are already so many changes from the napping to what she was eating then. Although her personality has certainly not changed in the last year! She was already a little daredevil with a sneaky look on her face all too often. The journaling isn't anything exciting, and probably nothing anyone but me would want to read but I love that I have this part of her life documented.

I think it'd be so great to have one of these from when I was a child, I'd love to know what stores my mom took me too, what we did during the day, who we saw and played with that week, etc. Of course, I'm lucky if my mom put dates and names on the back of photos! My mom and I were just discussing this tonight because I was pulling old photos out of albums and there were so many without dates, we just kept laughing. But she had a good point, she said, "at least I took the pictures!" and that is so very true. Even though my mom wasn't a scrapbooker, she took many photos and I'm so thankful for that.


Marie said...

the whole "on" thing made me laugh out loud :)

i LOVE this idea LOVE it. and it really could work for any time, anything. AWESOME erin!!!!!

rachel m said...

oh, to have a "quite please" button or " please stop running" would be great! even if I had that button so I wouldn't have to say it 100 times a day! Back to the amazing album!!! LOVE IT! I documented the whole day when Brady turned one and everything we did that day- sadly all those pictures are still sitting in an envelope! and he just turned 2! you just motivated me to get it out and make an album before he turns 3!!! Love all the little details also that you recorded!

darcy said...

LOVE the book! I admire you for starting and finishing a mini book! I am mini book impared.