Monday, November 09, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Love the look on her face. (On Sunday)

2. And here, too.

3. Monday night Mackenzie fell asleep at her door, calling for me to come get her out. Gotta love that she's climbing out of her crib. Last night she got out again and this time Emma opened the door for her, then they both came down giggling. She eventually fell asleep on the floor by her door. I wonder how many more nights of this are to come.

4. My EK Success notebook paper border punch broke last night. That was annoying. I've only used a few times, too.

5. So I went to a jewelry party last week. I've been invited to them before but have never gone because I'm not really a jewelry girl. I wear my diamond earrings, my wedding ring and my necklace with my girls' birthstones. But Kelly had a babysitter so we could take our kids (a big play date for them, Emma and Mackenzie loved it) so I went. And I bought a necklace and booked a party for January. Seriously. Apparently, I'm turning into a jewelry girl.

6. Emma posed and wanted me to take her picture after church Sunday.

7. Emma finished up this last session of swim lessons last week - and she was promoted! Next session will be Preschool Advanced. Very exciting. For me. She has no idea what that means and really doesn't care.

8. Got Emma's school picture today. And it's so good! She has such a nice smile in it. Not the cheesy grin I usually get.
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9. After dropping Emma off at preschool this morning Mac and I went to the fitness center then to the grocery store. I thought I had plenty of time. But after getting in a very slow and long line it was finally my turn to put my items on the belt. I had about half on and was still waiting and waiting and waiting when I realized there was no way I was going to make it to pick Emma up on time. So I put what was on the belt back in my cart and had to ask someone to hold my cart until I came back. Yep, I had to go back and pay for everything after picking Emma up. Never had to do that before.

10. Scrapbook Sunday will be Scrapbook Wednesday this week. I finished a mini-album one year in the making and will post it tomorrow.
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Marie said...

oh they are just looking too grown up :(

Missy said...

I love Mac's outfit! Emma's picture is ADORABLE! Yup- preschool goes by fast. I had to do that once too:) Can't wait to see your album!

Missy said...
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Renee said...

ok i have a lot of catching up to do!! happy (late) birthday to Mackenzie!! both girls are just gorgeous! and when did emma's hair get so long?! it is so pretty!

traci527 said...

New reader! Thank you so much for sharing. My dd turns one on 11/28, and I might just do something like this.