Friday, November 20, 2009

Since I've been gone...

Emma and I played with play-doh Wednesday. Meet Mackenzie (whose name is so long it was broken in two), Emma and her friend Cody. Cody is my friend Kelly's son and lately Emma's been all about Cody. When we left the fitness center the other day they were going to their car and Emma yelled very loudly, "Bye Cody!!!" and he yelled back "Bye Emma!!!" And it was very cute. But I think you had to be there.

Emma after school last week. She's very cute. And even kept her headband in.

Mackenzie is very loving. The other day she was holding her monkey up in front of her face saying, "I love you monkey. Kiss. Hug. Kiss. I love you Monkey. Hug." Very sweet.

Stocked up on cardstock at Hobby Lobby.

Mackenzie ate broccoli tonight. This is big because previously, every piece of broccoli I put on her piece was immediately put aside. Of course, with each bite I had to sing, "chew it up chew it up chew it up. woo hoo!" x3, then "swallow it! yay!!!" And if I forgot to clap, she would remind me, then wait for me to start it again, with clapping. But - she ate 3 (small) servings of broccoli and I was a very happy mama. Oh, and she called it ockli, which was cute.

I've lost track of the times I've said this to Emma in the last week - "When I say no, it means no. Do not argue or ask again. Just obey." Yet, she still doesn't seem to have grasped the concept.

Scrapped with Felicia last Sunday. Did four pages...okay, so started four pages. Working on journaling right now.

Still looking for American Crafts new Letterbox line. I really want those patterned chipboard frames. And the paper. Loving the paper.

Only got two workouts in this week as Mackenzie has a cold. Stinks. For both of us.

Going to the outlets this weekend because I have a $10 coupon with $10 purchase at both Carter's and OshKosh. Free money. Love it.

Made chicken and dumplings last night. Yum. Very good. Last night, they didn't eat too many, which was weird because last time they couldn't get enough. Which meant leftovers tonight. And of course tonight was the night they couldn't get enough (along with the previously mentioned broccoli) so there almost wasn't enough to go around. Now, if I were to make more the next time, they totally wouldn't eat them and they'd be wasted.

Cleaned out my closet and got rid of a bunch of jeans that don't fit - too small or too low a waistband for my post-babies body. Plus shirts and sweaters I hadn't worn in some cases for years. Had kept them "just in case" and this was very liberating. I'd felt like if my closet was full I had more choices, but if I never chose to actually wear any of those items, what was the point? They'll be donated shortly.

Glee was good this week. Awkward, the whole Schu/Rachel thing. But good. Oh, and I'll Stand By You is one of my favorite songs, and well, I wasn't all that impressed by Finn's cover. Was it just me?

Michael's school's football team is still in the play-offs. And tomorrow they're playing here. Nice and convenient. Not that I'm going. We'll be having a play date with friends instead while the boys go to the game.

Went to church play and lean. Girls had fun. Mackenzie likes to make an entrance though. Walked in the door, "Ta Da!" Back from the bathroom, "Ta Da!" Tonight, she comes out of the bathroom in just a shirt, no diaper (she's all about sitting on the potty right now) and yells, Ta Da!"

Mackenzie can count to 13. She's 2. Newly 2. Back in August when Emma was 3 1/2 we finally got her to count past 10. Seriously. And she sings the ABC song. Doesn't know all the letters, but she knows quite a few and knows the tune. It's amazing what she picks up from Emma.

Mackenzie's also discovered pulling hair. Emma's not enjoying that. Either am I.

She's staying in her crib though! Most nights she stays in until the morning. Then she cries at the door and asked to be let out. So glad we didn't have to go through weeks of putting her back in bed over and over. Or just listening to her scream for an hour before she fell asleep on the floor. Only a couple days.

And that's about all I can remember. Happy weekend!
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Marie said...

very much enjoyed your randomness. my favorite part of glee?

"i have to go now. they're going to think i'm pooping."

Rebekah said...

i just love these posts from you! :) and thank you, friend, for the texts and phone calls. i have been very bad at returning any phone calls this week. a little hard to focus. but i do want to talk to you so you'll be hearing from me soon. love you, erin.