Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 pictures, 2 stories

First, the pictures:

We went to the outlets Tuesday evening. Emma likes going there because of the ducks and the rides. Although this is the first time she actually rode them. Usually once they start she wants off.

Second, the stories:

1. At the outlets I bought Emma a pair of jeans from Osh Kosh. That night, I couldn't find them. I was showing Michael what I got and trying clothes on the girls and I couldn't find them anywhere. The next day, I looked in the car, the stroller, all over our room and finally called my mom. I asked her if she had them in her bag but she didn't. That's when my aunt suggested I check my receipt because she didn't think I bought them. See where this is going? Sure enough, I never bought them. Idiot. I then remembered what happened. My mom and I were trying to decide which color leggings t went best with the shirts I was getting Emma and I set them down on a display table next to us. And never picked them up. I apparently blocked that all out because I was positive I had them and then lost them at home.

2. Tonight I made banana bread for Michael. I had to make buttermilk though and following Betty Crocker's recipe, I made a cup of it. When I was combing the ingredients, I just dumped in the milk, not really thinking about how much it was. Then later, after I'd added the bananas - the only bananas I had - I realized I only needed 1/2 cup of buttermilk. Argh. I finished it anyway and let's just say it's short (totally didn't rise while baking) and really moist.
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darcy said...

NO patelones? Suck. I am sure they were cute.. Erin picked them out! Well... there's only one option.. you must go back!