Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Catching up AKA a really long post

So last Tuesday I sat down at the computer to do my Ten on Tuesday post and had no Internet. And that continued until Friday afternoon, thanks to a supposed "network outage". Super annoying. And while it's been back up now for a few days, I just haven't gotten around to updating the blog. I've been spending a lot of time in the basement though. Painting. Lots of painting. We're getting carpet down here (yay!) Thursday so I've been preparing for that. Tonight, packing some things up, putting up new switch covers and doorknobs on the closets. Tomorrow my neighbor Larry is coming over to help me move the bigger furniture pieces out of here. Then I'll mop the floor tomorrow night and by Thursday afternoon will have carpet! Then the fun part, getting everything moved back in and organized. Oh, and then we have to put together the other Expedit shelf we got a couple weeks ago. And hang things back up on the wall. And get a curtain. And then it will finally be done. After all that, I'm tackling the family room bathroom. Woo hoo for more painting!

Here's a quick recap of the last week.

Sunday night we went to a free concert in the park in a neighboring city. We hadn't planned on it. We were just stopping at the park so Emma could play after dinner and the concert was going on so we stayed.

Nice butt, eh? Michael kept waiting for this guy to stand up and move so he could get this picture and me and Emma listening to the music but the guy never left. Well, eventually he left. But it was after Emma got restless and stood up.

Finally took Mackenzie's picture in her 9 month shirt on Saturday. She was actually 9 1/2 months old, but really, let's not get technical. These are as good as I could get. She wasn't much in the picture-taking mood.

But she was all smiles a little later on. That's because she was standing, and we all know that's what she does, and likes, best.

Emma's turning out to be a pretty good drawer (is that a word?) at 2 1/2, if I do say so myself. Know what this is?

Train tracks. She has us draw train tracks on her DoodlePro all the time. Very basic. We just draw two parallel lines with lots of lines going across them. So Saturday evening while I was trying to take Mackenzie's picture she drew her own. I'm impressed. She can also draw a pretty good circle and smiley face.

We also babysat Claire that night while Marty and Abby went to the Indians game. To say the enjoyed themselves would be an understatement.

Check out my city I drew for Emma on our driveway.

Complete with park, library, school, grocery store and Kid Park at the fitness center.

Not real sure what she was doing with this stick, but I like the picture anyways.

Wednesday night Emma insisted on sleeping in her "yellow flower dress". Not sure how that's more comfy than pj's, but she went right to sleep.

The night before that, she insisted on wearing these too-small fleece one-piece pajamas. For the record, it wasn't cold out. And she put them on at 6:30 pm. And I found her like this around 1am:

I'm sure I've mentioned how she's not real into me taking her picture. But last Tuesday she actually asked me to take her picture, said cheese, and I got this:

Mackenzie and her beloved piano. She's actually not pulling it down on herself anymore, thank goodness.

And the 9th was our anniversary. Thanks to my mom for babysitting while we went to dinner.

And that about covers it. I've still got some pictures to post from when two of our babysitters came over for lunch/dinner before heading off to college. Once the carpet is in and and things are back in order and I'll get those up.


Julie said...

You have been busy girl! I want to see pictures. Happy Anniversary. The girls are too cute. Jenna Beth sleeps in "winter" pj's all the time. No matter if it is 100 degrees outside. Crazy kids.

Rebekah said...

*can't wait to see pics of the ALL NEW basement!!! :) so glad you're getting to work on your list of to-do's! *lol*
*concert in the park...so fun!! love the photos...especially of the dude's backside. haha. great photography, michael! :)
*i never knew you had such artistic abilities with chalk! love the little city!
*and i seriously laughed when i saw that shot of emma sleeping in her too-small winter pj's!! that's the greatest!
*and CONGRATS on your anniversary!!! big happy anniversary! :)

Darcy said...

look at you too cuties!! You make cute kids. =)

ANd yeah for new carpet! You'll have that fun new carpet smell and everything. I'm weird cuz I like that. =)

ANd your city drawing is amazing. =)