Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. My new IKEA Expedit bookcase. Love it. Still some rearranging to do but it's up and I love it. Did I mention I love it?

2. I also got one in white for our basement. (Our basement is finished and that's where our computer and my scrapbook area is.) It isn't yet put together. We're going to paint and carpet (right not there's tile) down there and then we'll put it together.

3. My still-on-crutches husband put the bookcase together for me. I helped with lifting and bringing pieces over to him but he did most of the work. I was impressed.

4. Saturday morning before going to Ikea we went to the Twins Day Parade. So cool to see our town full of so many twins.

5. This is Caroline with Emma. She lives across the street from us and we've become good friends with her family. Emma and Caroline love each other. They're so cute. I love the friendship I have with Beth. It's great to know you have someone right there you can count on.

6. After the parade (and still before IKEA. Obviously, I put this post in the wrong order but I'm too lazy to change it all) we stopped at Step 2. They're having a big tent sale and Marty and Abby wanted a wagon. So we picked one up for them. And one for us, too.

7. While Abby and I were at IKEA, Marty and Michael put their wagon together and Marty took the girls for a ride.

8. Wednesday, Michael has his check-up. Hoping he gets a walking boot.
9. Hmmm, what else...I'm actually running out of things to mention. Oh, I'm on the American Crafts design team for another year, which I'm very happy about. :)
10. And lastly, I'm leaving shortly to go vote for our library levy. Love our library. Hopefully, it gets a good, supportive turnout today.


Marie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your bookcase!!!!!! i seriously want one of those...although no where to put it at the moment. SOMEDAY i will come to the twinsday celebration...oh and neeked men in your gas station? hmmmmmmmmmmm...

Rebekah said...

LOVE the bookcase! so glad you guys got to go! :) and the parade sounds like fun!! love all the photos!

and after reading marie's comment, i had to go back and make sure i hadn't missed something about the neeked men. *lol*

Maria said...

Oh yay! Love your Expedit! We actually have the same one in our living room and a white one in our basement - are they not the most perfect bookcase EVER?! Love all your pictures, by the way! Your girls are just so sweet!!

Kelly B. said...

I'm enjoying your blog Erin! I'm hoping to make a trip to IKEA next weekend myself - I'm heading to DC for a girl's weekend. Harper needs a white bookcase in her room. I like yours!

Julie said...

love the book case! I'm glad you are on the DT for another year...you go girl!

Mandi said...

Hello fellow buckeye! :) I love trips to Ikea... we go to Pittsburgh, you go to Columbus? Anyway, I wish there was one closer! :)
Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!