Thursday, August 07, 2008

I love this picture

So we got this picture in the mail yesterday.

It was taken at a graduation party last month. This my life. Mackenzie doing what she always does - stand. Emma hugging me, something she's been doing lately. She'll just randomly hang on to the back of me. And me laughing and happy. I love my life. :)

Here's Michael's new air cast he got yesterday. Bye-bye OSU cast. He's still on crutches for 3 more weeks, though.

And on Tuesday. (pardon the mess) I went to the library and grocery store and when I got back this is what I found.

She was so tired but wouldn't nap and while I was gone fell asleep on Michael. He can't exactly take her up to her crib, though, so this is where she slept. When I picked her up to move her upstairs she never even woke up.
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Maria said...

She sure is a little cutie!!

Julie said...

That is so sweet, Erin!

Julie said...

That is so sweet, Erin!

cheryl said...

what an awesome photo of you!! love that shot with your girlies! :)