Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One day, I'll get back to regular posting.

But for now, another catch-up post.

Mackenzie's finally eating puffs. As in picking them up, putting them in her mouth and swallowing. Not just playing with them. Granted, many still end up on the floor, but it's an improvement. Maybe this means she'll start eating table food. She'll suck down a bottle in 60 seconds and a jar of baby food in 2 minutes but actual green beans or bananas? No thanks, mom.

We went to the fair Friday. Emma was in heaven. Animals, rides, her cousins and ice cream. Nice garbage can in the picture with us. It's the perfect match for the photo of that random guy's butt.

Mackenzie just chilled in the stroller.

Emma's favorite ride, hands down, was the roller coaster. When Rachel tried to get her out when it was over, she started to cry. They immediately got back in line and rode it again. And then 3 more times. And would've rode again but it was time to go.

"I can't. I'm running in circles." That's what she'll say if ask her to do something while this is occuring. Don't mind the huge mess in the background. Our carpet was being installed when I took this and that's some of the stuff from the basement. I've since moved it. It's now sitting in a big pile down here. :)

We made cupcakes last week and I let her lick the spreader after icing them. Took some convincing to get her to try it but once she did she kept asking for more. For the record, she liked the chocolate. The vanilla - not so much.

This one climbed to the top of the stairs. (bad parenting alert) We didn't realize it until Tattletale-Emma said "She's climbing up the stairs! Mackenzie's at the top! She is!" For once, tattletaleling (pretty sure that's not a word) was a good thing. See, she gets excited and stands up and then falls. So far, we've been there every single time to catch her. But the gate has definitely come out of hiding.

Sigh. I love this picture.


Katy said...

oh how sweet. I love the running in circles, so funny. We too found out from siblings that #3 could climb stairs.. thank goodness they told us. :P

Missy said...

So busy at your house! Love all these cute pictures. PS- fun hanging out with you twice in one weekend!

Rebekah said...

LOVE the photo of emma on the roller coaster!! she's going to be just like you...a roller-coaster-aholic. love it!! :)

nice trash can.

LOL at her running in circles. great photo. love the blur of little busy emma.

tattletaling...totally a word. haha. emma will get hers in now but just wait til the little sister gets to...little sisters are always the best at it! haha! :)

nichole said...

such a cute family! i am excited to keep up on their happenings. (thanks to paige!)

i tried to add myself to the map, but couldn't get it to work... maybe i am doing it wrong. i will try again later.