Friday, August 01, 2008

9 months today

This cutie pie is 9 months old. She's getting to be a handful - in a good way, of course. Is very mobile, still doing her funky crawl (pushing off with one foot while using the other knee) but it works for her. Her favorite activity is still standing. She'd rather do that than anything. The baby gate is definitely coming out tomorrow. She's already attempted to climb the stairs, thankfully it didn't work. She has no desire to eat table food. Spits it all out and makes the funniest faces. But she'll eat any baby food you feed her. She's noisy, like her sister. They love each other. When they're in the car they laugh and giggle and talk to each other. Well, Emma talks and Mackenzie makes sounds. Bathtime is the best though. So funny seeing them together. Mackenzie weighs about 18 lbs, 6 ounces and has her check-up on the 8th. She's getting to be a little chunk. :) Her hair is starting to lay down in the front, which makes me a little sad. But it's still so very blonde. She loves the music and activity play table and the piano - because she stand with them, of course. Plus any toy Emma has. LOL. She gets excited when she sees us. She dances to music with the funniest little bopping music. She can throw things pretty well - especially her bottle when she's finished. She's getting her second tooth (bottom right). She's in a big girl car seat, although still facing rear for a few more months. She's just amazing.

Tonight after dinner we went back up to the Step 2 tent sale to get some blocks for Claire. (We went yesterday and got some fantastic deals on their Soft and Sturdy blocks and a fire house play set.) Then we picked up some ice cream and headed to the square. Emma first gave a little concert on stage by herself (video coming soon) then I joined her for a duet.

We were singing "Go Go Joshua" and doing the motions that go along with it.

"Go go Joshua, lead your army go..."

"...Blow the trumpets up to Heaven"

"...All around the walls fall down."

Then we practiced jumping.

Michael was one are only fan, as Mackenzie was a bit busy...

She crawled under the bleachers and kept trying to climb up them but that wasn't really working for her. She kept getting stuck either standing up or sitting like this. Then she bumped her head and fun time was over.

I love you, my little munchkin.

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Rebekah said...

happy 9 months to mackenzie!! :) love your photos and can't wait to see the video! looks like michael's getting around pretty well...yay for him!


Julie said...

happy 9 months, cute girl!