Monday, March 31, 2008

Run Emma Run

It's only taken me one year and nine months, but I finally figured out how to get video off my camera and onto my computer. Well actually, I think I've always downloaded it, but I could never find it and play it. But tonight, I did. :) Here's Emma running around the gym at the fitness center.You will now be able to see why we take her there - it's to let out all that energy. The child never stops!

Did ya notice the giant bandage on her chin? She fell going up the stairs Wednesday and busted open her chin. No stitches required, but there's going to be nice little scar.

Did anyone watch How I Met Your Mother Tonight? Did you watch the very end and see Barney posting to his blog - it was a flashback to Doogie! They even had the music playing. That was a nice little flashback. I loved Doogie.


Rebekah said...

that girl is just too cute! :) her little hop-along jog is hilarious! she's got some serious running skills!!

sorry i don't keep up with you, miss tv greatness! :) i have no idea what show you're even talking about. *LOL*! xo.

Marie said...

i LOVE how i met your mother! and yup. we couldn't believe the doogie reference!!