Monday, March 24, 2008

Miss Mackenzie

So I started this post last Monday, saved it, and never came back to it. But before I get to Easter, I wanted to get this up. So without any further delay, Mackenzie and the rice cereal:

We started rice cereal on the 12th, and since then have introduced bananas (her favorite), carrots (just okay) and sweet potatoes (loves them). She doesn't really care for the rice cereal, so we switched to oatmeal today and that went over better.

Here's Mackenzie's Chicken. This is the best baby toy ever. Given to Mackenzie by Abby and Marty, she loves it. Chews on it every day until the "feathers" and dripping slobber. This was the first object she switched from one hand to the other, as well. That was at the beginning of the month when we were out to dinner. I was so excited that I witnessed it, but then forgot to write down the date. (Pictures from 3/13/08)

Completely out of it.

Love her big blue eyes. I've been messing around with the manual settings on my camera and have managed to get some good pictures. Which inside my house is very had to do. It's so dark that I always used the flash. But as long as my subject sits still, I discovered I actually don't need it. Which means with Emma, I'll always need it.


Missy said...

she is just the cutest!!

Rebekah said...

cute photos!!! she is just SO cute! :) and way to go with the manual settings! whoohooo!

Annie said...

What a cutie she is!! And such a talker...she was talking up a storm on Easter. So glad we discovered the connection in nursery duty and thanks for your support :) Working on her nursery this week and I haven't had a chance to contact Renee, but I will.

Renee said...

ah she is too much- soooo cute!!