Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tag, you're it

I was tagged by Tina
this morning. So here are the rules:

The rules: Link to your tagger and post these 3 rules on your blog.
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Here we go...

1. My first name is Alycea, courtesy of my sister Tara who named me after Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. In elementary school I would use both. One day I'd write Erin on a paper the next day Alycea until my second grade teacher Mrs. Cole told me I had to pick a name. So I chose Erin.

2. I can't sleep with socks on. But I can't take them off before I get in bed. I have to take them off once I'm in bed, covered up and have been there for a few minutes. Then I take them off with my feet and shove them down to the bottom. Drives Michael crazy when a sock creeps over to his side of the bed.

3. When I tell a story I have to act things out - hand gestures, voice changes, the whole shebang. Michael and I were just discussing this last night in the care - right after I acted out something Emma had done that day.

4. When I go to the grocery store my cart has to stay nice and organized. All the frozen stuff together, boxed items, etc. Everything lined up and stacked neatly. I can't just throw things in there. Then when it's time to check out, I have to put like items together again, also neat and organized. I can't stand it when I see carts when stuff thrown in all haphazard like.

5. Sometimes I can't read my handwriting. More than once I've left the grocery store without something I needed because I couldn't read the list.

6. I lose stuff. A lot. Which goes along with me being very forgetful. Like walk downstairs to get something, do something else, and go back upstairs without the item I went to get in the first place. I make lists so I don't forget to do something and then lose the list.

7. I like to recycle. We recycle pretty much everything we can. I really need to call and get another recycling bin because ours is overflowing every week. I've been meaning to do that since fall. I bought some reusable bags for the grocery store, although I leave them in the car a lot.(See number 6.) I save all gift bags and tissue paper to reuse them. Can't tell ya the last time I bought either. Next up is replacing our lightbulbs with those energy-efficient bulbs. Can't remember what they're called. (Again, see number 6.)

I tag:


(Marie, I'm not tagging you because I'm hoping you'll be too busy having a baby to respond!)

And because all posts need pictures (at least mine do) here is my cutie pie niece Claire on Sunday eating spaghetti. She'll be 10 months old on the 10th.

Emma, shoving a giant spoon of ice cream in her mouth.

And on the way home, asleep, obviously exhausted from all that ice cream eating.
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Tina Cockburn said...

#2 and #6 describe me to a "T". Thanks for playing along!

Darcy said...

Oh, you would hate my cart!!!

I will play.. may take me a few days to blog, but I will play!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I guess it's time to start feeding Bridget spaghetti! She also will be ten months on the 10th : )

Rebekah said...

i hear ya on the forgetting stuff all the time. and losing the list...i do that, too! haha! :) but boy, am i dedicated to my lists...whether i use them or not.

love the photo of emma & her ice cream! thadda girl! :)

Julie said...

I would drive you crazy at the grocery store. :) However, I am very organized, to the point of obsessive with my house. Except the craft room. That pretty much stays messy all the time.

Missy said...

Still trying to think of 7 wierd facts...i'll post it someday...Hope to see ya soon! Cute pictures of the girlies!