Monday, March 03, 2008

She's 4 months old with Pink Eye

Yes, that's right. Pink eye is back in our house. No clue where Mackenzie picked it up. We noticed a little bit of eye gunk Saturday but didn't think much of it. Sunday morning her right eye had so much gunk in it she couldn't even open it. Here eyelashes were stuck together. I called the pediatrician and since I knew what it was (there was no mistaking it) and had eye drops left over from when Emma had it in January, I didn't have to take her in. Thankfully, our pediatrician practice had 4 offices and one of them is always open on Sundays, so if we had to, we could have. So we started her on them yesterday and already it's looking better. Less gunk this morning.

Took these pictures Saturday.

And this one this morning. Can't even tell she's got pink eye - which amazes me. Yesterday it was swollen and red all around it with lots of gunk.

Her 4 month check up is next week. I'm anxious to see how much she's grown. My guess is she's around 12 pounds, so we'll see. She's a very happy baby. She rolls up on her side all the time. We think she'll roll over sooner than Emma. Although now that I think about it, it'll have to be soon because Emma rolled over at 4 1/2 months. By rolling up on her side, she moves all over the floor and her crib. She gets up on her side, turns a bit, lays back down and repeats. It was funny the first time I noticed her. I'd put her down in one spot and 10 minutes later she'd turned 180degrees and moved half way over the play mat.

We stopped nursing last week, and she didn't really seem to care. She's slept on her back in the crib the last two nights, so hopefully we're done with the bouncy seat for good. Although really, if we have to go back to it, I don't mind. As long as she sleeps well. And that she does. She usually naps for about an hour in the morning, although when she does that depends on when she wakes up. Then she takes a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon. She goes to bed between 8 - 9 pm and will sleep until 7 - 8 am. She usally wakes up wanting her binky once or twice and goes right back to sleep. Sometimes she wants to eat around 5 other times she doesn't eat until 7:30, like this morning. For four months old, I can't complain!

Mackenzie is a hand/finger sucker. She likes her binky too, especially at night. But she loves to put her fingers in her mouth. Sometimes she gags her self and has even spit up because of it. You should see the drool that comes out of her mouth when she's doing this. Earlier this morning the entire front of her sleeper was soaked. While we pretty much missed the acne, she only had a touch of it, she's got a lot of cradle cap. It's starting to creep onto her forehead now. At least it doesn't smell. Emma's stunk. Gross, I know.

Mackenzie is just a very happy and content baby. Not a lot of crying, just likes to hang out and watch what's going on. One thing is for sure, she'll be tough. She has to be with Emma as her big sister!
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Rebekah said...

YEAH for four months! :) and how cool that she sleeps thru the night. hope her little eye gets better quick! :)

Tina Cockburn said...

She's so cute! I hope her eye gets better, too.

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