Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5 Months

Mackenzie is 5 months old today!

I haven't taken any pictures yet today, but here are two from this past Wednesday. Which just happened to be the day she rolled over. :) And I was able to get pictures of it. I was taking some of her holding her head up (like the one below) and was able to get shots of her rolling over when it happened. She's only rolled over a couple times since then, as it does require quite a bit of work. At least that's how she acts. She rolls over once and then acts like she's too worn out to try again.

She's really liking the exersaucer now. Her feet now touch the ground so she likes to spin around and she can reach most of the toys. Plus, she's relatively safe from Emma in there.

Some highlights of my little 5 month old munchkin:

- She's a drooler. Crazy amounts of drool come out of her mouth. We had a few really rough days last week so I thought she was teething, but so far there's nothing. Maybe soon.
- She's a talker. I fear she'll be just like her sister. A chatterbox who never shuts up. She's learned to make this trilling/gargling sound and does it over and over. Also gaa and oooh. A couple weeks ago she woke up around 4 or so and was awake for an hour talking and practicing her fun new sounds, every once in a while laughing.
- She prefers baby food over formula. Sometimes she'll refuse a bottle but then eat a whole container of baby food. She definitely doesn't drink enough during the day. Unfortunately I can't force her to drink it. And not giving her baby food doesn't make her drink more formula. She just doesn't drink it. Which leads me to...
- She is still waking up to eat in the middle of the night. I'll be honest - it's annoying. If I were still nursing, it wouldn't be so bad, but getting up at 1 and 4 to make bottles is, like I said, annoying. Thankfully, the last two nights have been slightly better. She only got up once the night before last, and while she got up twice last night, only once was to eat, the other was for her binky. So hopefully, we'll soon be over this!
- Because she's really not a great sleeper. I guess I was really lucky with Emma, she was a fantastic sleeper. Mackenzie is getting better though. She's taking longer naps in the afternoon, although her morning naps are still pretty short. And she's going to bed easier, less fussing. If we're having a good night she'll sleep from 8:30 pm - 8am or so. But that's not necessarily the norm. She's yet to sleep straight through the night. She's always up at some point either for a bottle, binky, or crying just because.
- She loves peek-a-boo. Makes her laugh every time.
- Loves her chicken..
- Loves her sister. She'll watch everything Emma does, smiling and laughing at her.
- Is getting to be a little chunk! :) At her four month appt she was 12 lbs, 11 oz and was 23 3/4 inches long. And she's got a big head, just like her sister. While she's in the 25-5-% for height and weight, she's in the 75-90% for head circumfrance! She's finally out of all her 0-3 month clothes and already some of her 3-6 are getting tight.
- Likes her binky, but likes sucking on her fingers just as much. And chewing on her arm.
- Snores. Loud.
- Being cradled and having her but patted calms her down.
- Is a very content, happy baby. Doesn't get upset all that often. Likes to watch people.
- Likes to be sitting up, whether in your lap, the highchair, exersaucer on Bumbo. Always prefers that over laying down.

And so you can experience the happieness that is Mackenzie smiling and laughing, here she is. (That lovely voice you hear playing peekaboo is mine, just ignore it.)

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Denise said...

I usually lurk on your blog ocassionally but had to comment on how cute she is! Love her little coos in that video!

Renee said...

love that video! she is getting so big!