Sunday, March 30, 2008


Finally getting to the Easter recap. Only took a week, which really isn't too bad for me!

Easter was a very busy day. We had nursery duty at church, so we got there at 8:30 to attend the first service then worked the next two services. Which meant we didn't leave until 12:50. Emma certainly didn't mind being there the whole time, she loves going to church and, as she says, "play with toys." (We made some progress with that today though, when I asked what she did in church today she said "play with toys," and when I asked what else she said, "Learn about Jesus.") After church, we picked up my mom at our house then headed to Michael's parent's house where we had lunch. Althea hid some eggs for Emma to find which she was really into. Until she figured out there were animal crackers in them. Then she just wanted to open them and eat the crackers. The girl really likes her food. When we got home, Emma searched for the Easter baskets, both her's and Mackenzie's. It was quite the year for Easter baskets, as both girls got four - from us, my mom, Michael's mom and my sister. Emma was loving it.

Our family picture. Emma had a sweater on initially, it was only in the 30's, but took it off not long after we got there.

Emma finding an animal cracker.

Mackenzie that evening. I had taken off her tights, bloomers and sweater because I was about to put her in her jammies when I realized I hadn't taken a picture of her yet. Didn't get a good one of Emma either, but that's typical considering she rarely sits still.
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Darcy said...

What a cute family picture!! ANd Emma is getting SO BIG!!!

Rebekah said...

great shots, erin! :) sweet girls!