Friday, March 07, 2008

Emma 3/6/08 8:30 am - 9:00 am

Hello Erin. Be careful. (said as we were coming down the stairs.)
Lick the fingers? (while eating bananas)
Mommy eat Pop Tart. (no thanks)
Go get the paper. (not yet)
Mommy color. (said while making this list)
Napkin. It's mine!
Mommy color.
All done.
Drink the bottle. (to Mackenzie)
I got it! I got it! Strawberry milk! All done.
Mommy color.
Baby color.
Mommy sing baby color.
"baby color" (singing)
Mine Mine Mine Mine. (holding cup)
Carolines! (pointing to her own cup)
Mommy eat banana. (okay)
Daddy's home. (no, he's not)
Mommy's home. (yep)
Mommy's milk. (yep again)
"A B C D H I J" (singing)
That's a "B"!
Yours! (pointing to her own cup)
Oh, there is yours! (She says yours when she really means mine. I say "go get your cup" so then she thinks your means my. Does that make sense?)
I see yours. (mine)
Watch Backyardigans? Okay.
Go get it.
That's hard!
I jump. (over burp rag)
Next. (over hat)
3. Jump! (she skipped 1,2)
Great job! Great job! Great job! Great job! (clapping)
1,2,3 Jump the hat!
I jump the hat.
"do do do do" (singing)
Through tunnel.
Emma through tunnel. (going under my arm)
That's mine. Mine!
Mine pen. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. (actually, it was mine)
2. 10. (skipped a few numbers)
Catch. (holding mini bucket)
In there? (putting toys in it)
Car in there. (putting car in it)
Go go go go turn! (talking to car)
Beep beep.
Oh no!!! (a crash, perhaps?)
This one.
This one goes around.
Snowing. (looking out the window. snow on ground, not actually snowing) Ok. (I asked if she wanted to take a bath)
Take clothes off.
Take a bath!
What are you doin' down there?
(when I didn't come upstairs fast enough)

I've said it before. She never shuts up. She actually said even more than this, but I couldn't write fast enough.

Some other funny things Emma has said/done lately:
-If she's upstairs she'll look down and say "what are you doin' down there?" And vice versa.
-I was doing her hair Wednesday, which most of the time she doesn't care for, and she started yelling "don't want it! don't want it! no!" Yep, she's finally saying "no."
-She'll run around in a circle singing "wheels on the bus go round and round"
-When saying her ABCs she sings "A B C D H I J...." She skips about half of the rest of the letters, too.
-Everything is blue.
-When counting, it's usually 1,2,3,6,7,8.
-She's starting to count in Spanish. One example, we always count the stairs when climbing them and I was counting in Spanish, when we go to the top she said "ocho" before I could.
-She wakes up quite often in the middle of the night wanting chocolate milk. I go get it for her and once she has it she goes right back to sleep. Rarely does she drink it. According to the ped, it's a comfort thing.
-She's very loving now. All day long it's "I love you Mommy. Miss me Mommy. Mommy hold you." Lots of hugs and kisses and hand holding.
-She doesn't get pronoun usage. Example - when I go to get the mail, I'll say "Emma, come watch me" and she'll run to the door saying "Emma watch me" instead of "Emma watch you." When she wants me to hold her she'll put her arms around my legs and say "Mommy hold you" because she hears me say "Do you want Mommy to hold you?" Miss me Mommy? That's from me saying "did you miss me?"
-She loves everything. Seriously. Random things will get the "I love ___! I love it! I love it!"
-Is finally recognizing more letters thanks to "Super Why" on PBS. Very cool show. She only knew B for the longest time, then added I. This morning she recognized M and O on the show. Then she thought T was I and C was O but I can see where that'd be confusing.

Living with Emma is never boring. :)


Steph R said...

Oh my gosh! She's a hoot! I can't wait until my little boy is talking :)

Missy said...

Maya used to say hold you hold you all the time....miss that so much!

Rebekah said...

haha! this cracks me up! so glad you got this all written down. what a cool momento for little miss chatty. :) can't wait to have conversations with her.

Cheryl said...

awwww!!! so cute! i love it.
i was laughing so hard when i was reading this. :D :D
p.s. i'm finally doing the tag. sorry.