Thursday, August 31, 2006

What Emma's up to now

I'm a week behind on the blog! Oops! There's still something new and exciting everyday with Emma...well, at least to us. She rolls her tongue now all the time. It's pretty cute. She keeps rolling over in bed, she's starting to sleep on her stomach. And she rolls all over the floor when we put her down to play. She's figuring out she can get places by rolling. All this from the girl who 2 months ago HATED being on her stomach! She's had a couple play dates with two neighbor girls. They're real close in age - Emma is 6 1/2 months, Bree is 7 months and Caroline is 8 months. She is sleeping like a champ - 12 hours a night, goes to bed easily, takes 2 naps a day like clockwork. She eats really well and we've started giving her apple juice. She's still not sure if she likes it or not though. It's pretty cute seeing her hold the sippy cup though!

Since my grandma can no longer quilt, she had this quilt made for Emma. I still have the quilt my grandmother made for my bed when I was a little girl and I treasure it. I hope Emma will treasure this one as well. I couldn't get her to smiel for me, she was too interested in either her feet, or leaning towards me and the camera.
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I thought I'd share Emma's closet. This girl has more clothes than she can wear. At last count - over 70 outfits in size 3 - 6 months. That's not counting mix and match items that make additional outfits either! The upper row and shelf have clothes in bigger sizes for her to wear later on. In a strange way, I'm almost glad she's spitting up more now - I can put more outfits on her than just one a day! Ha!

And just a cute picture of Emma sitting up. I just love seeing her like this!
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{Amanda} said...

whoa that's a lotta clothes ROFL :) :) :)

she's soo cute erin!

Andrea Mette said...

Whoa - I think she has more clothes than me! She really is a precious little girl, Erin!

RACHEL =) said...

Oh my gosh, she IS getting so big!! So many exciting and fun things she's doing now, and that pic is just ADORABLE!!!
Her closet looks a lot like Alexa's did (and still does!!) Something about that first girl, lol ;)

Julie said...

she's so cute! her closet looks like jenna's...and jenna doesn't spit up! we just have a nana who is constantly buying her the cute stuff.

Rebekah said...

oh my sheez! how cool would it be to share clothes with emma?! haha! :) the girl has some style!!