Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pittsburgh, day two

Day two started out awfully slowly. We slept in - but only after getting back to sleep. Emma woke up extra early, earlier than she's been up in weeks. Her schedule got really messed up and today (Saturday 8/5) we've finally got her back on it. Anyway, we headed out to South Side Works, a very cool outdoor mall. It was 95 degrees and the stores were such a relief from the heat.

Took this picture at Joseph Beth Booksellers. Emma is really into Michael's hat lately, loves pulling it off, and on occasion, tries to eat it. :)

Once we got back to the hotel, we relaxed and napped before we had to meet Abby and Marty at IKEA. We had the best bed - king sized with tons of pillows. And it was perfect for pictures of Emma.
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We met Marty and Abby that evening at IKEA. Such a cool store. I surprised Michael by only walking through the store once and being done in 1 1/2 hours. I admit, I surprised myself!


Andrea Mette said...

I love her lil outift, Erin; sooo precious!

Rebekah said...

such cute pics! :) love her little orange headband!

cheryl said...

i miss you guys...:(

Renee said...

she is so big!! and SO beautiful!!!! love looking at all the photos of her!!!!

Darcy said...

Oh gosh.. that pic of Emma on the bed with her arm up is like, "What up, guys!" SO SO SO cute!!!