Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The official six month picture

We took Emma to get her picture taken today. They turned out really well. I had a hard time choosing, but Michael said I was quicker than he thought I'd be! I wanted a picture of her sitting up but her smile in it wasn't as good as in the close-up I chose. She was so good though, happy and smiling and very cooperative! It was a good thing Michael was there though - he got some fantastic smiles out of her.

She's got some crazy hair, doesn't she? Soon I'll have to post a picture of me at her age - mine stuck up just like that!


Darcy said...

LOVE her baby fuzzy hair!! SUCH a cute picture!

Julie said...

she's so cute erin! i just want to squeeze her. i know i say that all the time, but i can't help it. seeing her babyness reminds me so much of when jenna was that she's 3.5. i can't believe how time flies.

Rebekah said...

SO SWEET!!! love this happy pic of little emma! :) and i hear ya on the hair stickin' up. you should see my baby pics! *LOL* :)