Monday, September 04, 2006

Just playing

A couple weeks ago we got Emma some new toys - Big Girl toys, I like to call them. One was this gumball machine that uses the Roll-Arounds. While Emma can hit the lever to make the balls come out, she mainly likes to either eat the roll-arounds or knock the gumball machine over. And we can't forget about the jumperoo, she still loves it, goes crazy in it - jumping, yelling, laughing. She get's so excited in there!

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Darcy said...

OH my gosh.. her face in that last picture is ADORABLE!!

And Erin.. your daughter has a clothes problem and she can't even shop for herself yet.

Andrea Mette said...

Awe - don't you love buying her new toys?! We love to find any excuse to get Owen a new toy - lol!

cheryl said...

AWWW!!!! she's so freaking cute!!! :)

Rebekah said...

how fun! i'm sure that emma's not the only one in the house who plays with those toys! *lol* :)