Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pittsburg, day three, part two

Since Blogger only lets you post so many picture, I'm doing post number two on the Navy submarine the science center is currently displaying. It stopped being used in the late 1960's, not sure about the exact date. It was really intersting to tour it. It was really long and narrow, but there was so much squeezed in there. The showers were so small and the toilet? In a room with pipes! They had it set up as if you were in the '60s, and had a section of memorabilia from sailors who actually sailed on it.

Here's Emma trying out one of the beds. I can't believe the sailors didn't fall off or hit their head. Yes, I know they were used to it. But you've got to think on the first night at least one bumped their head!
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And Michael squeezing through the doorway with Emma. He had the fun job of climbing the ladders and through the doorways.

My hair was much more interesting than the sub apparently!

After the museum we headed home. It was a fun few days, but we were ready to get home and back in our own beds. Well, I don't know about Emma, but I was ready for her to be in her own bed. I can't sleep with her in the same room. I wake up every time she makes a noise. Michael? Not so much. :)

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Darcy said...

Emma is drumming your head!! that is so funny. =) And her tongue in the first picture?? Hilarious!!