Friday, August 04, 2006

Pittsburgh, day one

We decided to take a mini vacation this week and our original plan was to go to Hocking Hills and rent a cabin. But, 95-degree heat waves aren’t really good for hiking and such so we went with plan B – Pittsburgh. Michael has been to Pittsburgh many times but I haven't. Not sure why since it's only a two-hour drive.

On our itinerary - Meeting up with Leslie, Ikea with Marty and Abby and the Carnegie Science Center. Not on our itinerary - driving in circles due to lack of street and directional signs! Yet somehow, this is what we did the most of. :)

We got to Pittsburgh early Tuesday afternoon after stopping at two scrapbook stores along the way. After driving around for a bit (both on purpose to explore and due to, as stated previously, lack of street and directional signs) we checked in at the hotel and took a little nap. Then we met Leslie for dinner at Station Square. Very cool place, love the fountains and the view of Pittsburgh. It's an awesome place to hang out, relax, talk. Loved it.

View of Pittsburgh and the fountain

Leslie and Emma
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Julie said...

Sounds like you had a great time Erin! You look so cute in your skirt and shirt. Emma is getting so big! Why do they have to grow up so fast??

Andrea Mette said...

Those are some great family pics, Erin! I love them all!

Rebekah said...

hey erin! glad you guys are taking the time for a little vacation before school starts again! love these pics! :)