Monday, July 05, 2010

Night #1

Emma's room has officially become Emma and Mackenzie's room. Tonight's the first night they're sharing the room, sleeping in their new beds (well, mattresses, until I paint the headboard and footboard). this is how I left them around 9:45.

20 minutes later they came down to get Mackenzie's Minnie Mouse. I haven't been up to check since then, but I've got a feeling they're not sleeping yet. Besides the fact that they're excited to be in the same room together, they both napped for nearly 3 hours today. Sleep will not be coming any time soon, I'm sure.

The room is now very purple, with purple bedding and purple walls. Next up is painting the beds white and getting a new white dresser/mirror them. Then decorating and it'll be done.

Then it's on to the baby boy's room. My goal is to have his room done by mid-August. Hopefully we'll get the bedding soon so I can get paint and have that ready to go.

I just heard a thump and a yell, so I think it's time to check on the girls. I first thought if they could get to sleep by 11 I'd call tonight a success, but maybe I should push that back an hour or so...
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I love this picture!!!!