Wednesday, July 14, 2010

@ 29 weeks

As of today, I've hit the 29 week mark. 29 down, less than 11 to go.

(Photo taken this morning by Missy. Hi Mis!)

I think this is my new favorite pregnancy picture. Though I might just be liking it because I used PW's 70's action on it, though.

(Picture from 7/8, 28 weeks and 1 day. Taken while camping. Yes, camping. But more on that in another post. Thanks, Amanda.)

I certainly can't complain about this pregnancy. Granted, it was a bit rough in the beginning with the morning sickness. And even though I still had some days with a heck of a lot of throwing up, even while on the highest dose of Zofran I could take, it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been with the girls. For the most part, the Zofran kept the majority of puking away and left me with just constant nausea, and of course, other side effects that sucked all on their own. But, by 14 weeks it was completely gone and I felt better than I knew I could feel while pregnant. It was amazing.

And now at 29 weeks, for the most part I still feel great. Sure, there are some aches and pains, but those are to be expected at this stage - ligament stretching, hips hurting at night, some lower back/hip pain that I usually get when I've been sitting on the floor. My feet are starting to swell a bit. The Restless Leg Syndrome is back, although not to the extent it could be. The always strange skin tags. And I'm hot. The 90 degree temperatures have not helped one bit. But the pool and AC make it bearable.

I passed my glucose test, thank goodness. I don't know that I could've drank that disgusting orange beverage again.

My weight is good, although I'll admit to having 7 lb gain one month, followed by a 2lb month, then a 5.5 lb month. But I'm only at about 20.5 pounds gained right now. It's amazing how much more you can eat when you don't have to worry about throwing it back up. And I've been hungry. Really hungry. And eating lots of Tootsie Rolls. For some reason I can't resist them...although that's not so far from the norm for me!

I'm still working out, some weeks I get to the gym a lot (5 days the week before last, 3 days last week) other weeks not as much (probably only Friday and Saturday this week). Working out has been hard for me. Not so much the physical part of it (although my swelling feet making my feet go numb after too much cardio is a bit of an annoyance) but the fact that I can't work out like I want to. I actually get jealous seeing my friends really push themselves to the limit when working out, knowing I can't right now. Step class is my new best friend at the gym. I can do all of it but the ab work, and it's pretty much the best workout I can do right now. Otherwise, it's Zumba, lifting, cardio on the Precor. I quit running when my belly bouncing started bothering me. Some women run while pregnant and it doesn't bother them, but I don't love it enough to do it right now.

Baby boy is crazy active. He loves to be nestled up on my right side, right in my ribs. Which is why I often find myself stretching out to the left to get some relief. Thursday was the first time I could feel a body part poking out of my belly. He kicks a lot, most often early in the morning (7am-ish) and at night (like right now).

No name picked out yet, although we each have a name we like. The girls are still excited. Emma still randomly tells people I'm having a baby boy, even people that know (friends and family) and that she's told before. They both love to tickle the baby. So far they haven't felt him kick, but not for lack of trying. He always stops right after they put their hands on my belly.

Lastly, 28 weeks through Emma's eyes.

If you actually stuck around to read all that, thanks. Even though I swore I'd do a better job at recording this pregnancy, I haven't. So this post was my attempt to make up for my lack of memory keeping. Poor #3, already getting the shaft!


Lisa B. said...

love the new belly shots :)

Marie said...

yeah-i need to do better too, but i'll get there. glad you are feeling good!

rachel marquette said...

hey! you are documenting - that's all the matters! And camping WHILE pregnant? You are super woman!