Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At the red park

After ballet on Wednesday we had lunch with Missy, Maya and Laney, then headed to the park. This particular park is the Red Park, according to Emma. Emma also likes to visit the Castle Park and the Orange Park. We were there about 40 minutes, which was all I could take in the 90 degree heat.

In between trying to find shade, sweating and telling the girls it was time to go soon because Mama wasn't going to make it in the heat, I managed to get some cute pictures. This one being my favorite of the day.

I'm thinking our next trip to the park will be in the evening.


Marie said...

We call it red park too-and yeah, definite need of a tree or shade at that park. Nothing there!

rachel m said...

you can call it the red-hot park! haha. great picture of mackenzie - what a blond cutie!