Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

So I haven't posted any scrapbook pages since May. And since then, these are the only 4 I have to post. I did do a couple, well started a couple, the other week when I scrapped with friends, but they're still not done. One day, I suppose, one day...

This I did for the Write.Click.Scrapbook blog when I hosted in May.

This is one I started a while ago but just finished not too long ago.

This was for the WCS June gallery. I feel like I posted this one already, but if I did, I somehow missed it when I went back through the last two months of posts.

And from WCS's May gallery.

I did purchase some scrapbook supplies that can be used for boy pages, which I'm excited about. But I've got a ways to go in building my boy stash. We don't want the poor guy to have an album full of pink, purple, sparkly, floral pages!
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Missy said...

Does cleaning out the scrapbook room count as scrapbook sunday? I got a start!

Leanne said...

Gorgeous pages!!! LOL! I completely lost my mojo while pregnant. But it sure came back with force after he was born!

Marie said...

I have so much to do too...but first maybe I could actually blog something...hhhhhmmmmmm

rachel m said...

yeah for finished scrapbook pages! the "i <3 u" page made me choke up, so sweet. oh I throw some pink on my boy pages, it's okay!