Monday, August 17, 2009

The weekend

Saturday we went to family fun day at our church. We've been wanting to go to one of these for months now, but we've always had plans but this weekend we finally made it. Of course, Emma passed on all the bounce houses, which was expected. But she did want to get on the bungee jump thing, where you're attached to harnesses and can jump and flip around. Unfortunately the line was really long as after a half hour of waiting she was over it.
The girls played games, got prizes and had fun running around. We had lunch there, although all they ate were chips, pretzels and carrot sticks. Mackenzie was afraid of the cotton candy, which meant I got to eat it all. The girls had their first ice cream sandwich, and although Emma was afraid to try it, they discovered just how yummy they are.

(Emma performing for us)
Emma's discovered the joy of taking pictures. And she took this one, which is actually pretty good!
Just before we left, Emma decided to get her face painted, which then changed to hand painting. She was so excited to get a music (pronounced by her as musk-ick) note. She picked it out herself with no guidance from me.
Here's Mackenzie wanting Mommy. She was getting tired of the wait.
That night we attempted a movie under the stars at the amphitheatre. It started off well. We had snacks, drinks, loveys and blankies. The girls were in their pajamas. We were watching Madagascar 2. But then Emma wanted to sit in my lap. And then Mackenzie wanted in my lap. Neither would sit with Michael. They got mad. Then there was fighting, wrestling, crying, yelling. It was time to go. We were scrambling in the dark to fold up our chairs, find all our stuff, keep out of everyone's way, shush the children. It was pretty funny. Looking back that is. At the moment we were just trying to hurry and get out of there! They made it an hour though, pretty good for a 21-month-old and a three and a half year old, I think.

Malachi turned two last week and Sunday was his birthday party. It was a great evening. Emma of course couldn't help but assist Malachi in the present opening. I think unwrapped presents are irresistible to 3-year-olds. Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew!

At the party, Michael was pulling the kids in the wagon. It was like they were on a roller coaster, they loved it!

(Mackenzie, Malachi, Claire, Emma)

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Missy said...

Maya only gets her hand painted too. And bounce houses are really not her thing:)