Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Catching up.

I haven't blogged much lately, it's mostly been scrapbooking. Which means I've got a lot of pictures to post and stories to tell.

My mom, sister, niece and aunt came over yesterday and we headed to the outlets to get Emma some fall clothes. I got some great deals at Carter's and Osh Kosh as well as the perfect, fitting, so her, shirt for Emma. If you know her, you've probably guessed it has something to do with talking. And you're right.

The girls (especially Emma) love the outlets because of the ducks, the playground and being able to run. I love this picture of the two of them walking back to meet my mom and aunt. They're getting so big. And Emma's got some long hair.

After only going to the pool once or so in July due to sickness and crappy weather, we've been then twice so far this month.

(Emma and Bree jumping in to Michael and Tim)

Lots of playground trips. Trying to hit all the parks in our area.

Emma fell Monday night at the park. It was very traumatic for both her and I, even though she wasn't really hurt, more scared with a sore bottom. To soothe her (and Mommy) we got some ice cream. We kept pushing Coldstone on her, but she was insistent on a chocolate cone with sprinkles from DQ.
This summer brought the girls their first treats from the ice cream truck, which also happened to be Mackenzie's first popsicle. Mackenzie and I got junior bomb pops, Emma had a Dora ice cream pop and I can't remember what Michael had. I'll ask tomorrow.

Mackenize ate her's shirtless and it's a good thing since she had blue all down her chest/stomach. She ate a little more than half of it, decided she was done so I threw it away, then proceeded to eat the rest of mine.
I babysat Caroline and Jack last month, always fun for the girls, especially Emma. She loves having Caroline over.
Celebrated my sister's birthday.
Tomorrow we're going to Deer Park, Emma is excited to see lots of deers, hee hee. This weekend is Twins Days and we're going to the parade Saturday morning. We haven't been to the actual festival yet but if the weather holds up we might check it out. There are fireworks Saturday night I'm hoping we can see them from our house because that would be great.
Still to come (I hate playing catch - up!) - the zoo, camping, our family reunion, the work we've done outside around the house this summer and a bunch of other stuff I've got to get down before I forget. :)


rachelmarquette said...

we were just at the outlets last saturday -all the boys got new shoes - they had lots of new & old firetrucks to climb on - so we only got to hit 3 shops before we had to leave. riley said they ducks were "stinky" so they didn't hold much attention! but great deals are to be had! looks like you are enjoying summer!

Missy said...

Fun pictures!!!!
Can't wait for the outlet deals!