Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The Twins Day festival was this past weekend, and we headed down to the parade Saturday morning. Here's the beginning of the parade. I actually zoomed in pretty far to get this, it's a pretty long parade route, it lasts about an hour and a half.

2. This is Emma's shy face. If someone talks to her she's not sure about, she does this and whispers, "I'm shy." She's not.

3. We have an Army Reserve base here and men and women from their unit marched in the parade. We were clapping and cheering and I told Emma to yell "thank you!" as loud as she could to them because they serve our country and it's important to thank them. Well, one man walking by heard her and came over and said "You're welcome." Guess what she did, the shy face from above. He smiled and laughed and I shook his hand and told him thank you again and then got that funny feeling I get inside whenever I see someone in the military. That feeling of awe and respect and admiration and the need to tell them I'm proud of them even though I don't know them. Sometimes it comes out (like a few weeks ago when we were out to eat and I told two older veterans thank you and shook their hands when really I wanted to hug them.) and sometimes even I get shy and don't say anything. Okay. Sorry. Got a little sidetracked there.

4. This is the Rocket Ship car. It used to be a ride at the old Euclid Beach Park. They also have a car made out of a roller coaster train. You can rent it for rides by the hour. Last summer our neighbors rented it for their son's birthday party and took his friends on a ride. Side note - later that evening, we saw the rocket ship pulled over. Can you even speed in that thing?

5. Some of the twins and their costumes. The theme was "Twins Days Rock!", aka 50's rock n roll. It's funny, because you'll see twins stop and pose often for people to take pictures of them. There were over 1800 registered sets of twins this year, from all over the world.

(So I don't really know what clowns on a golf cart have to do with the theme, but they're fun.)

6. Mackenzie enjoyed waving at everyone.

7. When she wasn't hiding behind me or the nice woman sitting next to us. For the record, she's not a fan of the marching band but the church band was okay. Also not a fan of loud sirens, costumed characters such as a lion (Lions club), leaf (Metroparks) or cow (Chick-Fil-A).

8. Emma, however, was a fan of the marching band as you can see in this video. She's got quite the dance skills. Keep an eye out for Mackenzie, you'll see her, but definitely not dancing with Emma.

9. Emma. Loving the parade. And the candy.

10. Have you ever seen a bike like this before? I hadn't. Different. Kind of cool. I wanted to try it.
I want to be the girl riding backwards. Kind of like when station wagons used to have the seat in the back that faced backwards, so you could make faces at the cars behind you when stopped in traffic.


Missy said...

I love getting this perspective on twins days...I usually just read about it in the paper...Cute dancing! I love how she stopped and just stared at the band marching off-cracked me up!

Marie said...

my ENTIRE life i have wanted to go to twinsday. someday maybe...

shelly b said...

I agree with Marie. Next year? looks like fun.