Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making progress

This spring and summer Emma took swim lessons - preschool beginner. Next month, she will once again be taking preschool beginner lessons. After last session, she was told (or I was rather) to work on floating and putting her face in the water. Apparently you need to float to get to the next level. She was no where near this. She didn't even like to go all the way under the water. This summer at the outdoor pool started the same way. She loved to go in it, but wouldn't go under. Then about two weeks ago it changed. She started jumping in the pool and going under while holding Michael's hands. Then she started jumping in, all the way, by herself with Michael watching. And now she jumps in and goes under even if no one is right there (we're close, though!) to catch her.

Yesterday we went to the pool with Lisa and one of Lisa's friend whose almost 4-year-old daughter swims underwater. And holds her breath. I was seriously impressed. She was so good! She'd been taking lessons since she was two and had no fear. She was even doing handstands.

This seemed to motivate Emma and Bree. Because the next thing I know, they're swimming. Emma went all the way under, kicked her feet, moved her arms around and swam! Granted, it was only a few inches, and it wasn't pretty, but she moved. :) I was so excited! And so proud of her. And she was excited too. She tried it over and over, totally loving swimming underwater. I have a feeling she might just pass preschool beginner and move on to preschool advanced this time.

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Missy said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they figure things there's something that just clicks!

lisa dickinson said...

yay! we're still in the "can't get my face wet" stage, so can't wait to get to this point!

Rebekah said...

yay for emma!! that's awesome! it's fun to see kids take on a challenge and keep practicing until they get it. tell little E i send her a hug and high 5 for her brave swimming! :)