Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Emma sees us.

Apparently, all she sees is our bottom half.

Emma's been really in to taking pictures with my cute little pink camera lately. Loves it. She was snapping away yesterday at the park so I told her to take a picture of me and Michael. She did.

Looks like we need to work on tilting the camera up to get the whole body in the frame.

PS, Scrapbook Sunday will return next week. I've been working on a bunch of new layouts for when I host the Write. Click. Scrapbook. blog at the end of the month, August 31 - September 5. I will have something to post here next week though.
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Rebekah said...

heads or no heads, i LOVE it!! :)

Anonymous said...

that is so funny! Can't wait for the return of scrapbook sunday and your week at!

Susie said...

THis is adorable! Sarah and Ash like to use our ancient digital and do the same- I think it would be a fun post one of these ays to see the world through their eyes!