Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

And they're back!

1. Sunday Emma and I went with Beth and Caroline to see Dora Live!, and the girls loved it. I'm so glad we went. Seeing the Emma's eyes light up, her joy, her excitement. It was awesome. One of the best experiences I've had as a Mother, being able to do that for her. Just awesome.

2. Met my new niece Corinne Saturday. (It was crazy windy that day, hence the crazy hair.) She was just one week old here, and absolutely adorable. I love babies. My babies are big now. I really liked holding this tiny little baby. Sigh...

I realize that you really can't see her very well but it was sunny and windy and the only close-up I have, um, just isn't postable.

3. Speaking of the windy day, I learned you should not apply spray on sunscreen on these types of days. I know this because my back is bright red, except for little white dots where sunscreen actually landed on me. The rest was blown away by the wind. It hurts.

4. I also am not a very good sunscreen-putter-on-er at this time. I also missed spots on my shoulder, Emma's shoulders and her left calf, and Mackenzie's shoulders and a forearm. I suck.

5. The custard place is open. I never thought I'd like frozen custard. But when they opened last year I discovered I did. It's yummy. And they have great smoothies. And they're just down the street. Good excuse for a walk a couple nights a week.

6. We were there Sunday night. Emma started off with a cone, but once it became apparent that it was all going to melt before she ever ate it, we put it in a bowl and gave her a spoon. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of ice cream cones, yet.

7. Have I mentioned Mackenzie's a crazy little monkey. She climbed up the rock wall on the big kids playground Friday night. She also attempted to walk down the slide. Multiple times.

8. Emma has a new favorite song - Tunak Tunak Tun... by Daler Mehndi. We do a Bollywood routine in Zumba and now that Emma's heard it, she loves it. She calls it the "Da da da" song. Take a listen on itunes. :)

9. Has anyone read the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast? I just finished the newest one, #5. They're a lot different than the Twilight series, different from any vampire series I've read, actually. But I like them. I wasn't sure about them at first, but they've grown on me.

10. Emma had her last swim lesson Monday. Yeah...she'll be back in beginner pre-school when they start back up in June. Not that that's a surprise. :)


Marie said...

for some reason i can't see any of your pictures...again. boo.

Julie said...

Just what I need...more vampire books to try out. ;)

{Amanda} said...

LOVE the house of night :)