Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ten in pictures

1. Sunday we celebrated Easter with Michael's family since he'll be in Florida and we'll be at my mom's. The best family picture we could get. Better than nothing, I suppose!

2. Emma showing off her the Christmas basket.

3. Mackenzie only found a few. She was more interested in just running around.

4. Checking out the candy.

5. Looking in the Easter basket bag.
6. Trying to jump rope. It was pretty funny.
7. Falling off the motorcycle...
and a serious (or grumpy?) face.
8. This might be one of the funniest pictures I've ever taken. Anna (top row) and Claire (bottom) wanted nothing to do with the picture taking. Emma kept clapping and in later pictures Mackenzie was laughing. Ben kept a smile on his face while Malachi wasn't sure what the heck was going on. And Rachel kept trying to calm Anna down. I love it.
9. Emma on the phone with Aunt Tara last week, telling her all about ballet.
10. Riding the train at the mall last week.
Mackenzie got excited every time Emma came by.


Renee said...

Happy Easter! Love the photos- the one of the four of you is cute! The one of all the kids made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

hope all of your easter celebrations were great! Did you find any dora gardening tools? Love the picture of grumpy face and falling off the motorcycle. the group shot of the kids - priceless!

Julie said...

So happy your Easter was great!

Annie said...

Great photos :)looks like they had lots of fun. Hope you had a happy Easter!