Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Daphne

My sister's cat. My Mom is watching her while my sister's in Florida. (Where it's warm and sunny and 84 degrees, unlike here where it's cool and rainy and in the 50's.) Daphne, or Daph-a-nee as Emma calls her, just might've been the highlight of Emma's stay at Grandma's. She was fascinated by the cat. And it's not like this was the first time she's met her, but this time was different. She followed Daphne around, needed to know where she was at all times, and, of course, kept trying to grab her tail. Because a moving tail is hard to resist to a 3-year-old. Poor Daphne. I have a feeling she was very relieved when we left yesterday!

(I didn't crop the picture because it makes me laugh. My mom is trying to hold Daphne still, Daphne's trying to escape, Mackenzie's climbing because, well, that's just what she does and Emma is so happy to have Daphne in her lap that she's oblivious to it all.)
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Anonymous said...

this makes me laugh! a real slice of life! funny how some kids just love animals!

Maria said...

very sweet :-)