Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reason #17 I like Gap

You can order one shirt, two tank tops and two pairs of shorts...

...and it'll come in this nice little package that fits in your mailbox. No big box that's half empty. No wasted packing peanuts. That makes me happy. Because it's super annoying to get a big box with one little item in it. (In all fairness, Land's End did this, too, with Emma's bathing suit. So I love them, too.)

And a funny picture. Mackenzie fell asleep shortly after we left Michael's double-header Saturday. But Emma made it most of the way home. In fact, she stayed awake until we were about three minutes from home. And then she was out. And I couldn't wake her up. So I shut the garage door, undid her seat belt, left the door open and the light on and went in the house. I finally had to literally pull her out of her seat on to the floor to get her to wake up. She was so out of it. Four hours of running around in the sun will do that to a girl. I wish I'd been sleeping. Alas, I had to drive.

Ok. So I've just decided that Gap (or is it The Gap? I do both. "I got the girls these cute outfits at Gap." or "I got this super cute dress that makes me look 10 pounds thinner at The Gap.") is a weird name for a store. You know how sometimes if you say a word over and over it seems to lose its meaning and then just seems strange. Like it's not a real word? I could totally be the only person who does this. But all of the sudden Gap seems weird. The name. Not the store. Love the store. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. Gap. See, weird.
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Marie said...

that little monster shirt is ADORABLE. and i always say the gap...and at one time i did know why it was called the gap, but i have hidden that knowledge somewhere in my brain. :)