Monday, December 01, 2008

Ten on Tuesday Wednesday

1. I would've had this up yesterday but I was sick. Nothing like having the stomach flu while attempting to take care of a 1-year-old and 2 1/2-year-old. Fun times.

2. We have digital cable now which means we have DVR and get Boomerang and can watch Scooby Doo and the Snorks.

3. Saturday we went to Kraynak's to see all the Christmas trees. Of course, Emma's favorite part was still playing with the trains.

4. And playing with all the toys, too.

5. My menu planning for this week is shot. We ended up having Breakfast for dinner Monday since I had forgotten that I needed to clean the oven. I made Monkey Bread on Thanksgiving and it spilled and made a giant fill-the-house-with-smoke kind of mess. Of course, I didn't remember this until I started dinner and needed to use the oven. Then yesterday, I wasn't really up to cooking, and tonight we're having pizza that Michael brought home from an FCA even last night. Maybe tomorrow.

6. I still have a Halloween decoration up by the front door. Maybe I'll take it down when we put up the tree and decorate the house this weekend.

7. So, Emma's going to have to stop taking naps. Not because she doesn't want to take them, because of course she doesn't, but because when she naps, she doesn't go to bed until 10:30 or 11 at night! She'll go to her room no problem, but then we'll here a train whistle, or her singing Old MacDonald Had A Farm, or all the books being knocked off the bookshelf. As much as I love nap time, I'd really like her to go to bed before 11 pm.

8. Speaking of her being awake when she should be asleep, about 10:30 last night we're in bed when we hear crazy loud music and crazy loud screaming coming from her room. She'd turned up the volume on her radio, but she'd turned it up as high as possible and was completely freaked out. She was just sitting screaming, her heart was pounding, she was shaking and she was frozen in place, she couldn't move from where she was sitting. I couldn't turn it down fast enough. So we suggested that she not touch the volume controls, that she just let Mommy or Daddy do that. We'll see how long it lasts.

9. And speaking of the radio,a couple days ago I went in to wake her up from her nap, ya know, hoping if I woke her up she'd go to bed at a normal time, and instead of the radio being on The Fish, the Christian music station, it was on the rap/R&B station. Nice. She listens to the radio now because she's ruined all the CDs because she would take them out, put them back in, switch to a new one, put them in upside down. They're all scratched and skipping now.

10. Later this week I'm going to give away a copy of Simple Scrapbooks new special issue,
Quick and Easy Photo Albums, so check back if you're interested.

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Rebekah Price said...

hey girl! sorry to hear you were so sick! ick! love your ten this week! little m is getting so big! :) and i seriously laughed when i read the emma and the radio stories! that girl!! :) *lol*