Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ten on Whenever-I-Finally-Get-This-Up

1. I didn't post my menu plan Monday, so here it is:

Monday - flank steak, ranch rice (best rice ever), grilled (baked in the oven rather, but if it wasn't freezing out, they'd be grilled) red onion and zuchini.
Tuesday - nothing, went to the Cavs game last night.
Wednesday - swiss steak and noodles
Thursday - baked flaked chicken, au gratin potatoes, green beans
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Michael has a game, so no formal meal, we'll eat whatever I come up with
Sunday - spaghetti and meatsauce, garlic bread

2. We got our tree Saturday, for the first time we cut our own down. It was cold. Really cold. But lots of fun.

3. Sunday we went to the Winter Wonderland fest at the fitness center. Very cool. the gym/field house was full of blow-up jumpy houses and slides, Santa was there for pictures, there was free food and drinks and cotton candy and crafts for the kids. For the record Emma is still afraid of blow-up jumpy houses and slides. She kept standing in line then changing her mind at the last minute.

(Emma and Bree with Miss Nancy making a snowman.)

4. And Santa. Still afraid of Santa. She wouldn't sit with him. Didn't even want to go near him.

5. Our house is finally decorated. Tree is up (still need to take a picture of it), Santas and snowmen are all over the house. We might be skipping the outside lights this year, as I'm not sure Michael on the ladder and roof putting up lights is the best idea, ya know, still recovering from broken leg surgery and all.

6. Mackenzie is nuts. That's all I'm going to say. Well, that, and I wish she wasn't quite so fearless. Her fearlessness causes panic at times.

7. We're potty training! It's been so easy. Seriously. Emma just decided two weeks ago she was going to go and now she goes all. the. time. She still goes sometimes in her pull-up, but she can hold it most nights until morning. Next week we're going to underwear, I'm hoping that once she's wets her underwear once or twice she'll stop going in them and hold it until she goes potty.

8. I'm babysitting for our neighbor's two children this week. Emma is LOVING having Caroline here to play with every day. And Mackenzie is quite fascinated with baby Jack.

9. We went to the Cavs game last night. Most amazing seats - Row 1, on the floor, right behind the Cavs bench. Not necessarily the best seats to watch a game, but definitely the best seats to experience a game.

10. My stupid kitchen sink is clogged. Again. Looks like I'll be seeing the plumber tomorrow. Awesome.


Missy said...

yup- you guys look as cold as we were! Um- up close and personal with Lebron!!!! Pretty sweeeeeet!

Rebekah Price said...

*i am so impressed with your weekly menu plan! you are always cooking up some fancy grub! :)

*brrr! your tree-cutting trip looks a bit frigid!!! love the girls all bundled up in their coats! & yay for michael not having a boot anymore!! :) i'm sure he is beyond thrilled to be free!

*the tree look beautiful! love the little train! :)

*GO EMMA!! yay for her!

*you little lucky duck at the cavs game with awesome seats! i thought my 12th row seats were good at our OKC Thunder game a few weeks ago. haha. :)

*ick on the plumber but hope it gets fixed!

*miss you guys! xo.

darcy said...

we need the ranch rice recipe! I am in need of new recipes again.

How fun that you got a night away!!!!

Maria said...

I always love reading your weekly meal plan - we just started doing that again and I LOVE it! Totally takes the stress out of what to make for supper. I should start posting our meal plans too! :-)