Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Meet Emma's new friend. The Jingle Bell singing snowman. This was last week, she picked him up and said I'm going to watch cartoons with my new friend and there they sat for a good while, her arm around him the whole time.

2. I truly think this is one of the funniest Santa pictures ever. One second Mackenzie was sitting on his lap, the next she was crying as she trying to jump out of his lap as fast as she possibly could. Poor Santa was trying to hold on and you can see Michael's hand in the shot as he went to catch her. She want nothing to do with Santa!

3. The Santa picture and these were from Breakfast with Santa this past Saturday. Very cool. Pancake breakfast, a craft, Santa was there for picture taking as well as coming around to the tables to talk to the kids, coloring books and there was a craft (making ornaments with beads and pipe cleaners).

Bree and Emma coloring.

4. They could also fill out letters to Santa listing what they'd like for Christmas as well as how they'd been good that year. Then before Christmas, they'll get a letter back from Santa. I'm excited for these to come in the mail.

For Emma, she said she's like a pink doll house and a waterfall train set (something she saw in an ad) and for how she'd been good we wrote down that she helps mommy, is nice to her sister and puts her toys away.

For Mackenzie, we put down a shopping cart, and that she was finally sleeping through the night, was cute and a good eater. :)

For the record, Emma is still afraid of Santa. When he came around to the table, she wouldn't talk to him. Thankfully Bree is not afraid and let Santa know that Emma would like a pink doll house. She did give him the letters but that was as close as she got.

5. After Breakfast with Santa, Emma and I went to the outlets for some Christmas shopping. No stroller and she did pretty well until the end, when she started hiding in clothing racks and giggling uncontrollably. It was time to go. :)

6. Sunday afternoon, Marty, Abby and Claire came over and we made Christmas cookies. Some fine looking cookies we've got, don't ya think?

7. Today's Michael's birthday. Emma's sick. So while we were going to go out to dinner with his parent's, they're instead coming here. Happy Birthday, Michael.

8. Turns out I only lost 9 days worth of pictures when the computer crashed because of what I still had on my memory cards. Plus, there were 11 videos on there, including Mackenzie eating cake and trying to walk. I'm happy about that. I need to order cds of all the pictures I have on Shutterfly this week.

9. I'm soooo behind on Christmas shopping I've got nothing done. And once again, Mackenzie doesn't have a stocking b/c I put off ordering the ones I want from Pottery Barn Kids and now they're sold old. Next year, I'm ordering them in October.

10. Did ya see the new blog banner? That was my attempt at getting a picture for our Christmas cards. Didn't really work out for me.


Missy said...

We have Snack with Santa this Saturday....so fun! Your number 8 makes me not want to erase my card after I load the pictures...Here's my PB kids story- I ordered Maya a stocking and got some guys order that lives in Florida...After a lovely customer service call we hopefully should be getting ours in the mail by Friday..ugh nothing like last minute.

Marie said...

ahahahahahahhahahahahaha. that is about the funniest picture ever. so glad i got to see it :)

Rebekah Price said...

love the new blog banner! *lol* :)

i seriously laughed when i read about emma shopping with you and hiding in the clothes racks giggling! haha! :)

love your 10's!! :)

melanie said...

Dude. Totally use that for your Xmas cards- it's hysterical!

Leslie Craven said...

the blog banner is priceless!! Says it all!