Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Look at this little stinker. Cute, isn't she?

2. Emma helped me wrap gifts Sunday night. She was all about the tape. Except she didn't quite get that you put it on the seams, instead there is random tape on all the presents. Eventually, the present wrapping turned into this:

3. Climbing on the boxes.

4. No official menu plan this week. But if you're wondering, yesterday we had homemade noodles and chicken; tonight was baked potato soup; tomorrow we're at my mom's for dinner; Christmas Day is low-key at home, so we're having meatball subs for lunch and a pepperoni roll for dinner (fancy, I know); Friday I'm scrapbooking so not sure what Michael will be doing and that's all I've got.

5. I sent out my Christmas cards today. A little late, I know.

6. Michael's birthday cake last week. DQ Blizzard cake. He picked it out himself, although I insisted on the Happy Birthday Daddy.

7. I really can't remember what I wrote about last Tuesday, so I might have mentioned this already, but Mackenzie is so going to be our temper tantrum child.

8. I'm a tad behind on my December Daily album. As in, only have 3 days complete. Oops.

9. None of my scrappy gifts were completed this year due to the computer crash and me not being motivated enough to start over in a short period of time. So, they will now be Happy New Year gifts.

10. Emma's first monster drawing.

Merry Christmas!


Missy said...

Signed up to crop! I love a low key dinner....

lisa d said...

Hey three pages is better than none! ;)

Marie said...

that monster is amazing!!!